Services & Prices:


Initial Consultation/Meet & Greet (30 - 45 minutes)

Free of Charge

Let your pets "sniff us out" before you leave them in our care!  At least two members of our team will come to your house and meet you and your pets before you leave on your trip or before you go to work.  You can show us exactly what you would like done in your absence, where pet food is kept, etc.  

Pet Sitting:

 Basic Visit is 40  - 45 minutes for  1 to 2 pets and cost is $20*.

 Basic Visit for 40 - 45 minutes for 3 to 5 pets is $23*.

 Basic Visit is one hour for 6 to 7 pets and cost is $28*.

 Basic Visit is one hour for 8 to 10 pets and is $35*.

 Basic Visit for 11 to 12 pets is at least one hour and is $40*.

 Basic Visit for 13 pets or more is at least one hour and is $45*.

 Overnight visit for 1 to 5 pets is $85 and includes a late night and early morning walk or let-out and also morning feeding, approximately 9 pm until 8-9 am.  

 Overnight visit for 6 or more pets is $100 and includes a late night and early morning walk or let-out and also morning feeding, approximately 9 pm until 8-9 am.  


Basic Visit:   Minimum of 40-minute visit includes feeding, walking or letting out in fenced yard, refreshing water, cleaning up any accidents, scooping out litterbox, poop scooping yard, playing and petting.  We would be glad to also turn on/off lights, pick up newspapers, bring in mail, etc.  Just let me know what you would  like to have done.  Administration of medications is also included if necessary as long as explicit instructions regarding dosage are given. 

*Prices may be slightly higher than those noted above if the client is more than 15 miles from Coweta Fayette Pet Sitting Service home office.

Holidays:  We know that animals need care everyday including holidays so our services are available on all holidays for an additional $10 premium per visit.  Holiday pricing is effective New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Payment/Cancellations:   Half of payment is required prior to services and the remaining half may be paid upon your return by mail or Venmo within 10 days.  An invoice with outstanding balance will be left at the home or emailed to you shortly after the pet sitting is completed.   Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and at least 72 hours in advance during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  


Want to come home to a good-smelling, soft and cuddly hound? Just ask and we will be glad to give a bath on the day of or day prior to your return.

Small dog (<25 pounds) $20.00

Medium dog (26-50 pounds) $25.00

Large dog (51-90 pounds) $30.00

Ex-Large dog (>91 pounds) $35.00

Pet Taxi:

Does Feefee or Fido need a ride?  Does one of your pets need to go to the vet but you cannot get off work to take them?  Pet taxi/escort services are available for a minimum $20 fee.  Price varies according to distance and amount of time required.

Note:  We are quite flexible on what services we will provide for your pets - if there's something you would like us to do that's not listed here, please just ask!  

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